Install Nokia Pro Cam, Video Trimmer, Video Upload on Lumia 920

First, get a software called fiddler, you can find it on, I chose the .net4 version because I have .net 4 installed on my PC because windows 8. Once you installed then open it, look at menu ,go to tools >> fiddler option, and go to the connection tab, tick Allow remote computers to connect. And confirm by clicking OK.

Install Nokia Pro Cam, Video Trimmer, Video Upload on Lumia 920

Restart fiddler to make the change takes effect. And then in fiddler , press Ctrl+R to open customrules, and search

static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {

Once you find it, in the next line, insert

  oSession.url = oSession.url.Replace("RM-821_eu_euro1_425","RM-877_nam_att_205");

Remember to replace your phone with mine, mine is RM-821_eu_euro1_425

To find out yours, go to your setting, and extra+info and click more info, you’ll find it.

At last , go to your phones Wi-Fi setting, your phone has to be connected to the same wifi network as your computer, otherwise it won’t work. Click on the network you connected or hold it until edit option pop out and click it. Slide the Proxy switch to ON and Server / URL is your computer’s IP address, and the Port is 8888 and save.

And you’re pretty much set, QR codes for those three apps are here.

Install Video Upload Lumia 920

Install Nokia Pro Cam lumia 920

Install Video Trimmer lumia 920

Keep in mind that this will only work if you have installed Amber update on Nokia Lumia 920.

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