GDR3 Update for Windows Phone Being Tested

Would you believe it? The GDR2 only got just released, and has not even reached the majority of phones yet. But that does mean, Microsoft was not working on the next update. GDR2 finished development at least 2 months ago. The remaining time was likely spent in testing. Which is not just Microsoft saying it works but also dozens of carriers singing off on it also. If an issue does pop up it starts the process over again.

This update is said to bring full HD resolution support so that manufactures can finally make phones with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is also said to bring support for quad core processors, which will make windows phone devices even more powerful than before.

Windows Phone 8 GDR3

If this is true, then Microsoft is finally stepping up heir game and maybe just maybe we can stop bitching about the lack of updates. If they keep up this pace of 3 ‘minor’ updates a year with one ‘major’ feature/refresh update they’ll have a good middle ground between Apple and Android update cycles. Though I do think they should be more on top of bug fixes. [via windows phone review]

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