Windows 8 Review

The company behind the most popular operating system, Microsoft is going to give Windows the bigger overhaul since it released Windows 95 back in well, 1995. The moment you turn your Windows 8 computer on, you will notice the big difference between this and earlier Windows versions. You get a modern, slick and fast scrolling tiles that make best use of screen real estate. Microsoft is calling it the Start screen and it is different from the Start Menu we have seen and used so far.

windows 8 review

In Windows 8, the Desktop is just like any other app. So yes, desktop is still there and has not vanished. The new tile based start screen is a new move by MS and is step in the right direction. The screen feels more natural even you have a laptop with a touchscreen. More and more laptop manufactures have started churning out versions of their existing models equipped with touchscreen display to enhance their Windows 8 experience.

windows 8 on screen keyboard

Even if you are on a computer with no touchscreen, like our review unit, you will have absolutely no problem in using it with the keyboard and mouse. Everything, whether touch based or not, runs fine with mouse. This is a part of new Microsoft’s strategy that brings same interface to both touchscreen and non-touchscreen users.
Dell 6430u windows 8 laptop review

Charms and gestures – Windows 8 brings Charms and gestures to the tablet. You can bring the charms by bringing your mouse over to the top right corner. This gives you quick access to settings, share, devices and search. You can also control printers and networked PCs easily from here.

On touchscreen computer, you can make use of myriad gestures. For example: If you perform a swipe up gesture, right click action will be registered. You can switch between apps by performing a swipe in gesture. They work perfectly and reliably.

There is also a new feature called Snap that splits the screen into two parts so that you can work on two apps simultaneously. Perfect for businessmen and bloggers.

windows 8 ie metro

What we did not like?
This new strategy will generate some confusion initially. For example: There are two versions of IE bundled – one is optimized for the touchscreen environment, while the other works best for those with keyboard and mouse.

windows 8

Verdict – Microsoft has taken the Windows 8 to a whole new direction. It now behaves and work like a modern operating system. All existing apps still work, so there will almost no compatibility problems. We love it. We recommend it.

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