Surface RT Tablet 64GB, 32GB Prices revealed

Microsoft has finally unveiled the prices of the Surface tablets, at least for the Windows RT versions. The US store is now accepting pre-orders for both 32GB as-well-as 64GB versions. If you order them now, the company will send them to do you on October 26. The tablet is not as expensive as anticipated by us and other technology blogs. The cheapest version (32GB) can be bought for just 499 dollars. The same tablet with keyboard will cost you $100 more. You can expect same price for Germany and other countries in Europe (in Euro, ofcourse).

surface tablet 64gb

The 64GB version will cost you 700 dollars with keyboard. Only black colored one is on sale right now. By default, you get black keyboard, but you can choose other colors as well while ordering. Colors included in choice are white, blue, pink and orange. There is no word on how much Windows 8 versions will cost.


Specs include a 10.1 inch tablet powered by Tegra 3 processor, 720HD screen (1366 x 768 pixel resolution), high quality housing with flip stand –  all that for 499 dollars. Not cheap but not overly expensive. Keep in mind you get full featured versions of Microsoft Office bundled with these, so they are serious business tools, not just media consumption tablets like iPad and galaxy tab.
Nexus 7 overclocking

Tegra 3 is also being used in HTC One X. You can see its benchmark here –


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