Windows 8 Resilient File System

Microsoft ReFS (full form = Resilient File System) is a new operating system that will be introduced in Windows 8. This new file system is based on the concept of the WinFS (windows future storage) and before you get your hopes up, we would like to tell you that this file system will be server only. This means you would not find it in the consumer versions of Windows 8.

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It is interesting to note that WinFS was shown off during the beta version of Windows Vista but was removed from the final, retail version of Vista. The chief advantage that WinFS (and thus, ReFS) brings is the ability to store any type of information along with a defined schema for the data type.

The new ReFS is made for the server administrators and is meant to FS’ resilience to software as well as hardware errors. Again, no version other than the server version of Windows 8 will be able to use the ReFS.

There are rumors that it will make the indexing faster. Yes, the new FS will make it little faster, but not something that one would notice.

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