WeChat Review

What is WeChat? – WeChat is a cross platform social chat client available for Android, iOS, Symbian and windows phone.

How is it different from WhatsApp? It is very similar to WhatsApp but offers great features like hold-to-talk voice messaging, photo / video sharing, location sharing and contact sharing. It is very light on resources and run smoothly on my Galaxy Note phone.


What we really liked about WeChat? Its unique features include shaking the phone that lets users to meet people that are shaking the phone at the same time.

wechat review

It has facebook wall-like feature called Moments that allow you to upload photos and share them with your friends. They can like or comment on the photos.


What we did not like? – No blackberry client, but we have been told that it is in the tunnel and will be released soon. Also, while it is very big in countries like China, it is yet to make a big splash in the western world.

[Download links for iOS, Windows Phone and Android]

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