Voyo V2 Review, Windows TV box with internal battery

Voyo V2 is a TV box that is powered by Intel Baytrail Z3735 quad core processor. Unlike other TV boxes that run Android operating system, it runs Windows which means you will be able to run your legacy windows applications on it without any trouble. The Voyo V2 is palm sized but packs a lot of power under its shell.

Voyo V2 review

It is almost a small computer packed inside a small chassis. It runs Windows 8.1 operating system and comes with 2 gigabytes of memory and 32GB of eMMC flash storage and 64GB SSD. The Intel quad core processor is backed by Intel HD GPU that does an excellent job in handling high definition HD playback.

Voyo V2 Reviews

In fact, XBMC runs buttery smooth on it and thanks to the chipset’s support for 4k hardware decoding, you will have no problem using it as your media center. You can buy Voyo V2 at gearbest.com for $126 and that includes free shipping.

Voyo V2 Review

The body of the Voyo V2 is made of metal that gives it a premium feel over other TV boxes whose bodies are usually made of cheap plastic material. While it is small in size, it does not disappoint in the ports department. It has a HDMI and LAN port in the back which allow you to connect TV and Internet cables respectively.

The chipset inside Voyo V2 is powerful enough to handle 1080p video output with ease. And since it runs windows, you can run YouTube, Microsoft Office and even play games on it by downloading apps from Microsoft Store that is bundled with Windows 8.1 operating system. You can check out other TV boxes here.

However the main selling point of the Voyo V2 is its massive built in 5000 mAh battery which lets you use this TV box as portable charger for your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones.

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