Top alternatives to Apple Watch

2015 is clearly the year of wearable tech. We saw the rise of Apple Watch in late 2014 and while it is an expensive gadget, it surely has helped many in getting back in shape and improving productivity on the move. The wearable tech chiefly includes smartwatches and activity bracelets. Some gadgets offer both functionality while some are good in only one department.

Top alternatives to Apple Watch

Here are the top five alternatives to Apple Watch. First on our list is the Firbit Surge. Its company was the leader in the wearables space and clearly is the most experienced player here. One of its best features is its always-on watch face which shows you time and other useful health oriented features. However, some users are complaining about getting rashes after wearing it for prolonged durations.

Second on our list is the Pebble Time that was one of the first to start the smartwatch category. Its latest offering includes a colored screen, great graphics, thinner chassis and microphone to let you interact with the phone.

Third on the list is Oculus Rift which is not a smartwatch – it is something that you wear on your forehead as it is a virtual reality headset. It supports surround sound and features excellent visual effects. It is being sold by Samsung and is compatible with latest Samsung smartphones.

Next on our list is Microsoft Band. While it is not the prettiest gadget out there, it is very comfortable and does an excellent job in making sure you are a healthy person by the end of the day. It works with all mobile platforms, including windows phone, iPhone and Android.

Last but not the least is the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Priced at 300 dollars, it is the only one that lets you make and receive. You can dial numbers, add new contacts, send and receive messages. There is even a way to send emails from the watch. Samsung has bundled a ton of apps like Pedometer, S Trainer and Walk Workout that will surely make the fitness freaks happy. It is little bit on the bulky side and has mediocre battery life, but it is most feature-packed of the lot too. Its brushed aluminum casing looks very classy and is perfect for those business meetings. Of course, you get some other gimmicky features like camera, music apps too that allow you to take pictures and play music without need of a smartphone but we don’t think it will be the main selling point.

You can do so much on these smartwatches. They act pedometer; can measure your heart beat; act as stopwatch and even answer phone calls. Once connected to a smartphone, you will be able to browse your phone log and even reply to messages. Some can play games too. Online pokies, too have come a long way since 1994 when they were first introduced. These require a modern web browser with Adobe Flash support and since the wearables do not have any flash support till now, you won’t be able to enjoy pokies on the move.

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