New Yahoo Mail Features

Yahoo has finally unveiled new version of Y Mail which was in beta since the last fall. Just like Gmail, Yahoo mail can now actually provide enjoyable experience. In fact, the progress made by Yahoo is comparable to the Microsoft Hotmail’s 2010 update which was an complete overhaul. Yahoo claims that the new mail interface loads twice as faster compared to the original one. Compared to Gmail, you do not get the ‘loading’ screen too.


Just like hotmail, Yahoo mail converts the attached pictures into thumbnails and slideshows. Also, since Yahoo owns Flickr, photo integration is neat too. The new mail supports add-ins like Automatic Organizer which is similar to Priority Inbox found in GMail. Emails in yahoo open in tabs, making it easier to hop between emails.

Yahoo has paid special focus on social media integration. You can now respond instantly to the messages received from Facebook, yahoo groups and mail, thanks to the new reply bar.

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