Heiner M7X Review

Android Honeycomb 3.x operating system for a breakthrough for the tablets as it brought tablet optimized apps to the scene. Cheap tablets like Cutpad Z7 came with Android 2.2 which is not very optimized for tablet use. The Heiner M7X tablet comes with Android 3.1 and has a 7 inch display.


The screen packs WVGA resolution which is not really recommended for tablets. We have already seen many cheap tablets like Huawei Mediapad that pack 1280 x 800 in its 7 inch display and runs Android 3.2 which brings the aforementioned tablet enhancements for the high resolution 7 inch screens. That is why, none of them will be available on the Heiner M7X due to its low resolution screen and the fact that it runs Android 3.1, not 3.2.

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However, the most attractive feature is its price, which is just 100 dollars (1400 Yuan). At that price, you get pretty fancy specs – 1.2GHz Samsung PV210 processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage, 7 inch WVGA resolution capacitive display, 3 finger multi touch and a beefy 4500mAh battery. Gaming performance should be pretty awesome on it as it boasts the Power VR SGX540 GPU.

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The unit comes with a custom leather case and USB cable for data transfer and charging. [via shanzhaiben] (Chinese)

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