Cutpad Z7 Review

Cutpad Z7 is a Chinese tablet that is powered by Vimicro VC882 processor and resembles the Galaxy Tab P1000 in terms of looks. Even though it has 7 inch screen like the latter, it is resistive in nature. But, that is the chief reason why it retails just 62 dollars (500 Yuan).


The Vimicro VC882 is based on the ARM Cortex A8 processor that runs at 1GHz clock speed which is more than enough to support an operating system like Android 2.2. For storage, you get 4GB flash  and there is a front camera too for making video calls.


The CutPad has HDMI port as well for outputting the display to a bigger screen or an HDTV. Even though the built in storage is meager, you can easily expand it using the flash memory cards.


The screen supports multi touch gestures of up to 5 fingers. Overall, it is a good enough tablet for carrying out basic tasks. Just make sure not to run anything super processor intensive. [via shanzhaiben] (Chinese)


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