Canon MG7730 MG6930 MG6930 MG5730 MG3630 Churned Out in Japan

Canon has launched give new printers in Japan under its PIXUS MG series. Slated to be released in early September 2015, these new models, MG7730, MG6930, MG6930, MG5730, MG3630 come in variety of colors including the very attractive gold. The top top models are equipped with NFC that will allow users to print documents by connecting smartphones and Wi-Fi at the touch of a button.

Canon MG7730 MG6930 MG6930 MG5730 MG3630

Estimated retail price of the Canon MG7730 is expected to be around 30,000 Japanese yen. Available colors are black, white, red, and gold. Canon MG7730 specifications include 9,600 × 2,400dpi printing, 6 color ink, A4 – B5 paper support including letter and postcard. There are two parts in printer paper feed – one has 125 sheets while upper part can carry 40 sheets.

Canon MG7730

Support for two sided printing is also present. Equipped with a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display, the Canon MG7730 comes equipped with a touchscreen, IEEE 802.11b / g / n-enabled wireless LAN, USB, Ethernet.  Body size is about 435 × 370 × 148mm (width × depth × height) and weighs about 7.9kg.

Canon MG6930

Now let us talk about Canon MG6930, which has same specs like mG7730 but omits wired LAN. Two colors are available – black and white. Estimated retail price is expected to be around 25,000 yen.

Canon MG5730

The Canon MG5730 costs 20,000 Japanese yen and has support for 4,800 × 1,200 resolution. Its paper feed tray can also accommodate 100 plain sheets or 40 sheets of postcard. Automatic two sided printing is present but not for postcards. Body size is about 455 × 369 × 148mm and weighs 6.3 kilos. The Canon MG5730 is available in black, white and silver colors.

Cannon MG3630

The cheapest one of the lot of the Cannon MG3630 that costs 10,000 yen. It comes with 4 ink cartridge. Specifications are same as Canon MG5730 but the LCD display is missing. Body size of Cannon MG3630 is 449 × 304 × 152mm and weighs about about 5.4kg. Available in red, black and white.

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