Coby MID4331 specs, price

Coby has rolled out MID4331 that features the All winner A10 ARM Cortex A8 processor which means it is as powerful as the smartphones released last year by Asus, Samsung and many others. But what got our attention is its price tag which is just 81 dollars. We benchmarked Allwinner A10 processor last month and found it to be snappy enough for everyday use.

Coby MID4331 review

However, it does not comes with Play Store and you would have to rely on GetJar app store in getting apps. Alternatively, you could just copy APK files to it and install apps that way. Coby Kyros MID7042-8

Coby MID4331 specs

Coby MID4331 specs include 4.3 inch display, 272×380 pixel resolution, 802.11n Wi-F, 512MB RAM, 2 MP rear facing camera, USB port and headphone jack. For storage, you get 4GB flash that is easily expandable via micro SD card slot (up to 32GB micro SD cards are supported).

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