Seidio OBEX Galaxy S4 Review

If you like to waterproof your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further than the Seidio OBEX case. It is a high quality case that is designed to withstand anything form water or dust or snow. It exceeds IPX68 rating and MIL-STD-810F test, all independently tested by NAC.

Seidio OBEX Galaxy S4 Review

I was very impressed with the built-in 4H rated screen protector. A lot of design work has been done to make sure the S4’s speaker sounds nice even when submerged under water.

Seidio OBEX Galaxy S4 

The case is very lightweight. It weighs 56 grams, making it feather light and it hardly adds bulk (dimension 150mm x 80 mm x 13 mm). So, the Seidio OBEX Galaxy S4 impressed our review team as it offered such wonderful protection without addition of considerable weight.
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Seidio OBEX Samsung Galaxy S4

Seidio OBEX Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The only thing not to like about it is the fact that you cannot use wireless charging with it. Also, you have to open and close the micro USB port quite often (which is understandable) to charge the phone. Fortunately, the everything is covered under warranty to ensure peace of mind. The Seidio OBEX Galaxy S4 case is a bit on the slippery side. However, when you keep it on a flat surface, it creates friction to prevent it from sliding.

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