Nexus 4: Three UK Price, Plans

The Nexus 4 is now available on Three UK and the network provider is asking you to pay GBP 35 per month and GBP 30 upfront, which brings you to a total of 870 pounds for a two year contract. O2, which was the only network to offer the Nexus 4 till now charges GBP 36 per month but does not have any upfront cost. 

nexus 4 three uk

If you buy directly Nexus 4 from Google, you will just have to shell out 240 pounds for the 8GB and 280 pounds for the 16GB model. If you go for the GiffGaff, you will be paying mere GBP 15 per month. You will be paying the full GBP 240 and you would not be tied to any contract.

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