HTC Q1 2013 Financial results

It is not an unknown secret that the Korean giant, HTC is in trouble. The company published its latest financial quarterly results for the Q1 2013 which prove that even the analysts were way off the mark in predicting their profits, or shall we say, losses.

HTC Q1 2013 Financial quarterly

Analysts had estimated that the HTC would be earning more than 15 million of net profit, but the HTC claimed mere 2.85 million dollars. This was probably due to the fact that the company was able to make the One smartphone hit the market shelves on time.
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HTC Q1 2013 Financial results

The HTC One uses a revolutionary camera which uses ultra pixel technology but its suppliers were not able to supply this amazing camera to HTC on time, which is now causing delays in its shipment. The HTC did launch it in India today and reports are coming in that the company has not done any advertising for it there as well. [via fudzilla]

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