Hide your folders on Windows Mobile using HideFolders application

Do you have stuff in your folders that you don’t want others to see when they use your device? Finding encryption applications too much for what you need? Here is an excellent freeware made by John that will help you to do exactly what you want: HIDE THE FOLDERS.

The interface (and functionality) of this application can be explained in one word: SIMPLE. Simply start the application and from the tree, select the folder you want to hide. In the following screenshot, I chose to hide my “Calls” folder.

After we have done that, lets go to file explorer to check if it worked. As you can see, the “calls” folder is now gone.

I recommend you to delete the shortcut of the application too as:

  • you won’t want to get into suspicion that you are hiding stuff from your wife/girlfriend
  • others can easily unhide that folder if they are easily able to find this application

To do that, simply use file explorer to go to windowsstart menu and delete/move the “Hide Folders” shortcut.

Visit his website here

Download the application from here. It is a cab file that is meant to be run directly on your device.

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