Galaxy S4: India Release date, Price

Samsung India is all set to launch the company’s flagship phone, Galaxy S4 in the first week of May. We have received tips from various reliable Indian sources that Samsung will be making the Galaxy S4 up for purchase in the month of May (exact date is 1st May, 2013). In fact, certain online retails have already started taking pre-orders for the Samsung’s flagship phone.

galaxy s4 india

The S4 is expected to cost around 45,000 rupees (900 dollars) which makes it as costly as the Apple iPhone 5. Interested folks can book their pre-orders by paying Rs 999.

Galaxy S4 India Release date, Price

Samsung will be launching the 8-core version of the Galaxy S4 in India which makes it the most powerful phone till now. We benchmarked the US version that comes with quad core (4 core) Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and were blown away by its performance. You can check the benchmark here.

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