Official Galaxy Note 2 Pouch Review

The EFC-1J9LBEGSTD is a vertical pouch case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. While it looks black from a meter distance, it si actually dark blue. Unlike Note 1, there are quite a lot of colors to choose from – dark blue (model number EFC-1J9LBEGSTD), light blue (EFC-1J9LCEGSTD), dark brown (EFC-1J9LDEGSTD) and chocolate brown (EFC-1J9LLEGSTD). It does not attracts attention like the Galaxy Note 2 flip cover and protects your phone in an understated manner. Read the full review to find out more about it.


The front of the case bears SAMSUNG logo on the top and GALAXY Note II logo at the bottom. There is a speaker phone grill too which is not so useful since you cannot make or answer calls when the phone is in the case.


What is useful though is the hole for speaker on the back of the cover. This prevents the voice from getting muffled.

galaxy-note-ii-pouch review

On the inside, it has microfiber lining that cleans the screen when you slide the phone in. This Note II pouch provides a lot of protection from all sides, except from the top which is required to get the phone out (obviously). You will need both of your hands to get the phone.

The EFC-1J9LDEGSTD looks very similar to the EFC-1J9LBEGSTD as both are dark in color, but if you want something close to black, get the dark blue one (EFC-1J9LBEGSTD) which is reviewed here.


Verdict – The Note II pouch is high quality case and is great for those who like to use their phone the way it is meant to be used. It protects the phone against scratches from keys and other things when you put the phone in your jeans or pants. I love it. I am sure you will love it too.
You can buy the dark blue one from mobilefun. They also have a variety of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cover and cases. [kkstarratings]

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