Galaxy Note 2 Protective Hard Case Review

The Galaxy Note 2 Protective hard case protects the back and scratch prone chrome edging of the phone. The hard case feels excellent in hand as it made from tough thermoplastic. I got the black one for myself since I have a grey Galaxy Note 2. The protective hard case is very protective and is easy to apply. It is not a tight fit but not loose too (and no, it would not come out on its own).

Galaxy Note 2 Protective Hard Case Review

The best thing about this case is that the buttons are raised and are easily accessible. They click just like a ‘normal’ button.


Galaxy Note II does not have a lanyard loop, but the hard case adds one. I would not use a big phone like Note 2 with lanyard loop, but I know some people that would love it. There is opening for S-pen and charging connector too.


The case has a nice glossy finish to it, which adds style to your phone. Also, since it covers the back cover, it prevents it from getting scratched. However, I do wish, the black case had the same brushed metal coating as the grey Galaxy Note 2’s battery cover. Nevertheless, it is still good looking.

If you like to use your Galaxy Note without any protection, then consider getting the official pouch for Note 2. If you loved the flip cover of the first generation Note, then you might want to check out the review of flip cover for Galaxy Note II.

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