Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Review

Here is a review of the official flip cover of the Galaxy Note 2, a nice accessory that protects the front and back of the phone. Priced quite steeply ($35-40), it offers minimum protection and like the Galaxy S3 flip case, it is not very convenient to use, especially when you are answering or making a call.

galaxy note 2 flip case review

I also found myself using the phone with one hands more while using the case, which defies the whole purpose of having a phone that gives you big on-screen keyboard. Sure, you can roll the cover all the way to the back while playing games and web browsing, but nobody is going to do that for smaller tasks like sending a message or making a call.

galaxy note 2 flip review

Also, if you are left handed person, just do not get it. The case is designed for right handed people as the flip opens to the left.

note 2 flip cover

The case replaces the back of the phone and thus adds only a tiny bit to the overall thickness. The only gripe is that it is not being given for free with the Note 2. Samsung did gifted it to Note 1 owner for free, so why not do the same for Note 2 that is more expensive and flagship phone. [high resolution pics]

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