Vaio Phone A launched in Japan: Vaio Phone A specifications and price

Vaio has announced a new SIM free phone called Vaio Phone A and it looks very much like the Vaio Phone Biz that was launched back in 2016. Even specifications are same and that’s not a bad thing. It is on sale for 24800 yen which is about $223, making it a medium end android phone.

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Vaio phone A runs android 6.0.1 out of box. The chassis is made of aluminum and bears a matte finish achieved by sand blasting. The VAIO logo at the made using laser cutting.

Overall, the design looks nice with upper and lower part of body having antenna bands. The design looks professional and leaves a good impression. The size is exactly the same as Vaio Biz measuring 77 × 156.1 × 8.3 mm (width × depth × height).

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It is pretty easy to hold but at 167 grams, the phone can’t be said super light. Vaio Phone A is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 3GB RAM and 16GB of flash storage. The storage is expandable via micro SD card slot. Unlike recent flagships, there is a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack. The display is home to full HD 1080×1920 panel.

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Supported LTE bands are 1/3/8/19/21 and supported W-CDMA (3G) bands list includes 1/5/6/8/11/19. We also managed to find benchmarks of the android phone which are given below.

PCMark for Android 2.0.3710
Work 2.0 Performance    3605
Computer Vision    1768
Storage    2656
3DMark Android Edition 1.6.3439
Ice Storm Extreme    5479
Ice Storm Unlimited    9740
Sling Shot 1.0    700
Geekbench 4.1.0 for Android
Single-Core Score    675
Crypto Score    twenty five
Integer Score    713
Floating Point Score    376
Memory Score    1203
Multi-Core Score    1916
Crypto Score    167
Integer Score    2075
Floating Point Score    2314
Memory Score    1400
RenderScript Score    2238
AnTuTu Benchmark v 6.2.7
Score    44866
3D    8320
3D [Marooned]    5181
3D [Garden]    3139
UX    15600
UX Data Secure    3670
UX Data process    2351
UX Strategy games    3013
UX Image process    4405
UX I / O performance    2161
CPU    15550
CPU Mathematics    2687
CPU Common Use    5230
CPU Multi-Core    7633
RAM    5396

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