Epic 4G Gingerbread Theme

Here is a really cool Epic 4G theme for your Samsung Epic 4G Android phone which will give your device the look of Gingerbread operating system. This theme skins almost everything, from apps to icons, including the lockscreen!


[download link] Here are other addons you can add:

  • Transition Mix for v1.9 – Download
  • Fly In Transitions for v1.9 – Download
  • Custom App Pack – Download (G-Tab Email, Mammon Gallery, 5mb/hi-res Mms, Quantum Browser)
  • Modded services.jar – Download (governor/battery full mod)
  • Stock Services.jar – Download (removes data governor killer and battery pull pop killer mods)
  • Transition Mix for v1.8.5 – Download
  • Fly In Transitions for v1.8.5 – Download
  • DK28 AOSP Lockscreen – Download
  • Nexus S Combo – Download (Ringtones and Boot and Shutdown Animations)

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