Asus Android Phone with High-End navigation feature in the Tunnel

I have just received a tip from Asus’ India PR that Garmin-Asus will be releasing a smartphone running Android 2.1 with ‘high-end’ navigation facilities in the fourth week of September 2010.


Following are some of the most prominent features of the upcoming model:

* First Android device featuring GPS navigation capabilities from Garmin-Asus for India.

* Smartphone will be based on the Android 2.1 platform

* Extra long battery life offering up to 5hours of talk time.

* Carries forward the Smart3 tag from the Garmin-Asus M10 mobile on the Android Platform.

* Will allow you to download 2x more applications than other Android devices due to 4G internal built-in storage.

* Featuring a built-in point of interest (POI) database and provides real-time information on weather, gas prices, parking lot availability, movie show times, flight status, public transportation and
much more via the ‘click and go’ function* .

* Built in Auto focus feature with a large 5 MP camera.

* Features a “First to Fix Time” of only 29 seconds making it the shortest amongst all competitor smartphones.

* Built in features with Navigation with Street View function and also offers the best In-car

* Also features real time connected services like CIAO, Panoramio, Movie listings.

* The smartphone will be priced competitively between 20,000 to 22,000 INR approximately. ($420-$450)

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