Touch screens and laptop usefulness

JK at jkontherun feels that the Notebooks with touchscreens don’t add much to their usefulness. Few interesting points from his post are:

Why?  Because it’s not natural to be touching the screen on a laptop.  It’s uncomfortable to do and more importantly it forces the user to remove their hand(s) from where they rest normally.  This breaks up the natural flow of things and like I said it’s actually uncomfortable to do.  That’s why I find myself not touching the screen after a short bit and so having the touch interface soon adds nothing to me.

..and this one too:

Even slate form laptops must have a customized UI that is designed to take special advantage of touch.  If touch is simply put on top of a standard UI the user quickly finds that very little benefit is being gained by touch.  That’s what will happen with netbooks and other notebooks with touch added if the interface isn’t designed to be manipulated mostly by touch.

I too think the touchscreens in laptops is just a gimmick. Not much useful unless it is a small tablet PC

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