Toshiba T571

Toshiba has rolled out Satellite T571 notebook equipped with a massive 17.3 inch LCD display. Powered by the second generation sandy bridge processor, it comes with harman-kardon speakers for excellent audio playback when you want to share a video or a song with the person sitting next to you. Toshiba will be offering two models of it – T571/W5TC and T571/W4MC.

toshiba t571 review

T571/W5TC comes with Core i7-2630QM 2GHz processor (used in G73SW – check Asus G73SW Review), (the very powerful) NVidia GeForce GT 540M, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB hard disk drive and, and a Blu-ray Disc drive. On the other hand, the T571/W4MC comes with Core i5-2410M running at 2.30GHz clock speed, Intel HD 3000 (onboard) GPU, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard disk and DVD writer. Both come with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition.

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