Samsung NP900X4C-A04DE, A01UK Review

Samsung Series 9 has earned quite a lot of fame. Many say that it is the best windows ultrabook laptop out there. The latest models in the series 9 ‘series’, NP900X4C-A01UK and NP900X4C-A04DE feature 15 inch display, a category unoccupied by Apple notebooks since it does not offer a 15 inch Macbook Air (yet). Both of the new ultrabooks feature exactly the same specs.

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This Samsung ultrabook offers amazing anti-glare display and all aluminum chassis along with the speedy Intel Core i5 3317U processor and amazing pixel packed display make it a very useable business laptop. If you need a light and sleek notebook with an amazing 15 inch screen, you should definitely have NP900X4C-A01UK (or NP900X4C-A04DE, depending upon your country) on your short list.

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Folks at notebookcheck were able to get do a review of the unit and they adore its aluminum unibody construction and overall look and feel. The keyboard is backlit and has good key feedback. While its 1600 x 900 pixel screen is excellent for working on documents, its usability is shortened by its low contrast levels and narrow viewing angles.

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Even though the unit comes with mini HDMI port, no adapters are included in the box. Good alternatives include Asus UX32VD R4002V (13.3 inch screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution) and Acer M5 ultrabook (14 inch screen, 1366 x 768 resolution).

Read the Core i5 3317u benchmark to find out more about its CPU.

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