MSI’s Premium Cinema Notebook EX620

Even great directors who rule the studios with an iron fist have a soft side too! When top MTV director Kuang Sheng and Darkness and Light’s award-winning director Chang Tso-chi both had the opportunity to experience MSI’s latest premium multimedia entertainment notebook “EX620” recently, they looked like happy children as they tried out the notebook’s multimedia tools such as the headphones and digital TV.

The “EX620”, MSI’s latest entertainment notebook design, will come into the market on November 29 when the IT Month computer fair gets under way. The notebook’s central concept is to deliver the digital audio-video entertainment of the future. It therefore incorporates all of the latest Full HD digital TV, 16:9 cinema screen ratio, Blu-Ray and Dolby Sound then combines them with MSI’s Cinema Pro software to make all these functions as easy to use as any household appliance. The one-touch button operation and intuitive interface puts all of the multimedia functions in the notebook at the consumer’s fingertips.

In the lead-up to the EX620’s release, MSI and GQ magazine invited top MTV director Kuang Sheng and movie director Chang Tso-chi to test drive the new notebook as part of their daily life and work to see how it stands up to their very demanding professional audio and video expectations.

Director Kuang Sheng travels frequently between shooting locations and always carries a notebook with him so he can present his shooting ideas and completed work to the client at any time. Kuang said, “For me, the notebook must deliver great sounds and visuals!” He was particularly impressed with the exclusive Cinema Pro technology in the MSI EX620 because it could switch to cinema mode with just one press of the dedicated Cinema Pro button. In cinema mode, not only is the display quality improved but there is also a subwoofer and Dolby Sound as well. Kuang is quite demanding about the equalizer settings, so this feature means he can now achieve the best sound effects more easily.

Director Chang Tso-chi is renowned for the strong link to local culture in his work. For him, movies serve as a medium for ideas that help people immerse themselves in the world within the rectangular screen. For him, “convenience” and “user-friendliness” are key points when it comes to the peripheral options. According to Chang, he preferred everything set to default and properly tuned, so it’s “easy and comfortable to use”. MSI’s six notebook series are all designed to satisfy the wide range of user requirements. The Entertainment series’ EX620 is packed with premium audio-visual features, making it best suited to those who expect the best audio-visual experience.

When it comes to 3C products, Director Chang expects not only all the necessary functions but also ease of use and simplicity. In his opinion, the MSI EX620’s touch control shortcut keys are just as easy to use as domestic appliances and can activate all kinds of functions at the touch of a finger. This was the kind of simplicity he wanted. The large 16:9 screen on the EX620 offers the best aspect ratio as well, allowing Chang to present his movies on the notebook in the format they were meant to be seen in when he travels overseas to attend film exhibitions.

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