MSI GT75VR GE63VR GE73VR launched at Computex 2017

MSI GT75VR, GE63VR and GE73VR gaming-centric laptop models were launched at the Computex 2017 technology event. The new MSI GT75VR, GE63VR and GE73VR boast company’s new cooling system Cooler boost Titan” with four exhaust vents, twelve heat pipes, two fans and whirlwind blade fan. Overclocking performance is 20 percent more than competitors while keeping the surface temperature of laptop below 40 degrees even under heavy load.

MSI GT75VR GE63VR GE73VR japan

The GT75VR adopts two fans, twelve heat pipes, 29 “Whirlwind Blade fan”, and “Cooler Boost TITAN” equipped with four exhaust vents. According to the company’s measurements, overclocking performance is up to 20% higher than competitors, but the surface temperature can be kept below 40-degrees C even under load.

Meanwhile, the GE 63VR adopts “Cooler Boost 5” equipped with 2 fans, 7 heat pipes, 31 sheets of Whirlwind Blade fan, and 4 outlets. It also showed up to 30% higher performance compared to competition, but also kept the surface temperature at loading below 44-degrees C.


All three laptop models come with enhanced Dynaudio giant speaker for better audio performance. But other than that, the specifications of MSI GT75VR GE63VR GE73VR are identical to GS75VR, GS63VR and GS73VR that were launched last year to replace the skylake GS60 and similar gaming laptops. All of them come with Intel 7th generation kabylake processor and latest Nvidia Pascal graphics.

Talking about graphics cards, all three MSI GT75VR GE63VR GE73VR come with Nvidia 1070 GPU.

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