Logitech M90 Review

Logitech is one of the cheapest branded mice available for a computer. I am mainly into wireless mouses but M90 was retailing at ridiculously cheap price and thus could not resist to get one for myself. The Logitech M90 is simple and easy to use. Even the packing is simple – all you get in the package is the mouse itself and few papers.

Logitech m90 review

This Logitech mouse comes in only one color and that is black. It comprises of the two (standard) buttons that are used for left and right clicking with a scroll wheel placed between the buttons. The size of the mouse is a bit bigger than my trusty (and cheap wireless mouse) Logitech M215 and it feels more comfortable in my palms too.

Logitech mouse m90 review

Since it is an optical mouse, there is no ball at the bottom. Also, you have figured it out by now – it is NOT a wireless mouse and connects via a standard USB port.

Logitech mouse review

The mouse has a decent wire length, so even Desktop users can use it without the need of connecting USB extenders, but I am Macbook Pro user and this thing works like a charm with it. No extra driver installation – nothing – everything works out-of-the box. It has a resolution of 1000 dpi (M215 wireless mouse has 800 dpi) and mouse registers mouse buttons clicks without much effort.

M90 mouse review

Logitech offers an unreal 3 years warranty with it. I recommend it.


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