Lesance GSN801GAW: Gamer’s Dream?

Lesance has launched possibly the most powerful gaming notebook that boasts the Intel Core i7 940XM processor with four cores and Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M or 2x ATi Mobility Radeon HD5870 in CrossFire. For storage, you have a massive 160GB SSD (MLC type) all configured in Raid 0 configuration for that extra speed boost.

You also get 500GB hard disk to store data. It comes outfitted with a 18.4-inch Full HD monitor and a blu-ray drive to watch those high definition movies on that full HD display (1920×1080). Now, prepare yourself to rob dude because this costs a freaking 430,000 Japanese Yen ($5300). Ouch!

[via akihabaranews]


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