Lenovo B470 Review

Lately, Lenovo has been offering a lot of quality budget notebooks. Few months back, we tested the B560 notebook which came with the Intel P6100 processor and delivered ok-ish package, not extra ordinary. Now, Lenovo is offering B470 that features the latest Intel sandy bridge Core i5 2410M and a  Nvidia 410M GPU. So, do we recommend it to you? Read the review to find out


Build, Display

The Lenovo B470 packs a 14.0 inch display sporting 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. It is glossy, something which will not be very appreciated by the businessmen. Viewing angles are not the best but since B470 is not being targeted as a multimedia notebook, we are not complaining.

Like Lenovo B560, it it is made from matte plastic which does not catches fingerprints easily. However, we were not terribly impressed with the construction. The plastic is not of the highest quality and this is expected since B470 is meant to be a low cost notebook. That said, it will hold up well for few years to come – easily.


Keyboard, Touchpad

Unlike B560, the B470 features a chiclet keyboard which is similar to the Sony and Apple notebooks. Typing on it a great experience and is good enough for typing a novel on it. We love it.

Touchpad sports a matte finish and has multi touch gesture support. Edge scrolling is supported as well. Left and right mouse buttons have adequate feedback and not a lot of sound is made when they are pressed.


There are quite a lot of ports on the Lenovo B470. You get VGA, HDMI, multi card reader, 4x USB 2.0 ports, GPU switch and Kensington lock. There is no ExpressCard slot though.


The Lenovo B470 is powered by the second generation Core i5 2410M sandy bridge processor. It has two cores that can handle four threads at a time. IT has 3MB L3 cache and has a TDP of 35 watts. Compared to Intel P6100 (used in B560), it offers faster runtimes and lower application loadtimes.


Compared to the new netbook CPU, the AMD E450, it scored twice at much in the PCMark Vantage benchmark test.

Lenovo B470 also has Nvidia GeForce 410M to handle the graphics department. Using the GPU switch, you can switch to integrated Intel HD graphics to improve battery life. Both discrete (410M) and integrated GPUs are capable of handling HD content but we recommend switching to discrete if you want to play games. Keep in mind that this Nvidia 410M is recommended only for playing games that were released a couple of years back.

Battery Life

We were able to get close to 6.5 hours of battery life with brightness was set to 50 percent in our Wi-Fi web browsing test. These are pretty amazing runtimes given the price and performance that you get from this notebook.


Lenovo B470 is a recommend to any businessman or a student who wants to get a notebook that delivers good performance and offers decent battery life without burning a big hole in your pocket.

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