HP DM1 E450 External Reviews

While HP has not been showing a lot of interest in its netbook lineup, the company has been offering minor hardware updates to its DM1 lineup. Their latest update gave it the new AMD Fusion E450 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) that delivers very satisfactory performance.

HP DM1 E450 review


* 11.6 inch display
* 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
* AMD E450 processor
* 320GB 7200rpm HDD
* 3x USB 2.0 ports
* SD card slot
* 6 cell battery

Jerry at notebookreview was able to get the unit from HP and he was very happy with the build quality. Of course, the DM1-4010us (E450 version) is not cheap as Atom powered netbooks, but it costs more for a reason.  For one, you get better build quality and its lid has matte finish, which gives it a professional look. The hinges are strong and should serve you well for some years from now.

Another new feature is Beats Audio, which offers pretty clear sound output from its tiny speakers located on the front edge. DM1 series always have had wonderful full size keyboards, which gives it a distinct advantage on 10.1 inch netbooks from Asus and Acer (Example: Acer AO Happy 2, Acer 722). Some big notebooks like Asus N55SF have atrocious keyboards and thus, we must praise HP for equipping such a tiny machine with a great keyboard. As you can see in the image shown below, touchpad buttons are now separated and not integrated like in the previous DM1 series.


Performance – We have done AMD E450 review and believe us, it is one of the best mobile CPUs out there. Its ATi Radeon HD 6320 GPU is great for video viewing and some gameplay. Battery life is around 7 hours. The reviewer got 6 hours, 42 minutes on a single charge.

HP DM1 E450 review

Other notebooks with AMD E450 APU:

Verdict – The HP DM1 4010us is for those who want a mini notebook that offers a decent balance of power and battery life. It is not as powerful as an Alienware m11x and at the same time, it is not as under-powered as single core Atom netbooks. The E450 CPU is very capable and handles full HD videos and basic chores like web browsing and office apps like a charm. Read the full review at notebookreview.


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