GPD Pocket Review: GPD Pocket is not good for gaming

GPD Pocket Review

Recently, the number of clamshell type UMPC / mini laptop “GPD Pocket” has been attracting great attention from mobile users. And since there are also “GPD WIN” which has built-in controller for games, I thought of using the GPD Pocket with a game controller and see how it fares with some of the latest games. If you do not want to read entire article, it is difficult to play 3D games smoothly unless you run a decade old gaming titles.

When I tried Street Fighter V as a trial, it was heavy from the menu screen first. To move the cursor by menu selection, it is about 3x slower by usual than usual. I think that the menu screen is almost 2D display, but I do not know why it is so heavy. Then, in battle, it takes 5 to 6 minutes usually to load and then add several tens of seconds until the character screen is shown. When saying game play, it moves with about at ¼ of speed you’re so used to. Normally, if the rendering process of the game can not be made in time, the frame will be skipped and you will loose. So when you play Street Fighter V with GPD Pocket, you should not have high expectations.

Although it is a level which cannot be played at all at all about this game, if it is this speed, if it is this speed, the professional fighting game player called living legend, Mr. Ogi Umehara’s opinion about “Mr. Uemura was able to spare room” (Note: Even though Mr. Umehara is actually in fact, it is said that it is impossible to shoot Yokuryu Fist in reaction after watching the small legs).

Even with slow motion, it was impossible to respond to a small foot (crouching small kick) that comes out in 4 frames (about 0.3 seconds if 1/5 speed) after pressing the button. However, because it is too bad to put it in one word of “It was impossible”, let’s set the CPU to give a small feet from the dash, shoot the dragon fist after watching the dash, so that the scene “like that” I tried to reproduce it. When it is a strong dragon fist, since it only touches the cass, as I switched to EX dragon fist, I was able to take a movie with a good feeling, but the game was forcibly terminated before I shot a dragon fist. If you play for about a few minutes, the enclosure is not getting hot up to that point, but the game seems to have dropped due to thermal runaway.

By saying that, although it may be possible for a lighter 3D game (Street fighter V is also rather lighter) or 2D game, it is impossible to do mobile stroke at least with GPD Pocket. Incidentally, this is for 720p resolution and high image quality setting, but even if you drop resolution and image quality settings, the result do not changed much.

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