Fujitsu AH 53 AH45 AH42 updated for Japan: AH 53, AH 45, and AH 42 series 2017

AH 53, AH 45, and AH 42 series have been updated by Fujitsu. The Fujistu AH 53/B2 is powered by 7th generation Intel processor and comes with innovative USB 3.1 type-c port. The lower model Fujitsu AH45 has the 7th generation i3-7100 kabylake processor and is meant for those who are looking for long battery life.

Fujitsu AH 53 AH45 AH42

The Fujistu AH42 is the cheapest of all, packing the Celeron 3865U 1.8GHz processor. Fujistu AH53 specifications include Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz processor, Intel HD Graphics 630, Intel HM 175, 1TB HDD, BDXL drive and offers 6.1-hour battery life. The Fujistu AH45 and AH42 come with DVD drive and Intel HD graphics 620 and 610 respectively.

Fujitsu AH45

Both AH53 and AH45 come with 15.6” full HD panel with 1920×1080 pixel resolution but AH42 has only HD panel. The Fujitsu AH53 is priced at 200,000 yen, AH45 170,000 yen while the AH42 will cost a little over 140,000 yen. Weight of all laptops is same which is about 2.3kg.

Fujitsu AH42

Dimensions are same as well, 378 × 256 × 24.7 to 26.4 mm. You get Office Home & Business Premium plus Office 365 service onboard on all models. All models have full size keyboard with numeric pad as well.


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