Dell E6220 Review

Dell E6220 is the company’s latest ultraportable notebook which is made for the business users in mind. With the E6220, Dell wants to blur the gap between 12-inch netbooks and typical notebooks by equipping it with a notebook-class processor. We were there at the launch event and were able to spend a bit more time than the other publications.


I felt the E6620 to be extremely well built and same can be said about the screen whose lid is inlaid with the brushed metal. However, rest of the body is made from plastic, which does not feel cheap in any way. Just like the Adamo notebooks, the layout has a hinge forward design where the screen is positioned just slightly in front of the back edge of body. This brings the added benefit of moving the screen closer to the keyboard (bringing action to you). So, all-in-all, the notebook appears very stylish, thanks to the brushed metal cover. However, we do wish the palm rest was also made from brushed metal, sadly which is all plastic, like netbooks.

On the left side of E6220, you will SD card slot, smart card, audio jack, USB (eSATA) and VGA output port and on the right side, you will find an Express card slot, wireless switch, HDMI port and 2x USB 2.0 ports. There is a docking interface at the bottom. Gigabit LAN and power ports are located at the back. The screen size is 12.1-inches that sports a matte finish and packs 1366 x 768 pixels which produced fairly bright colors. The keyboard is backlit and is a cross between standard and chiclet keyboard layout. By this, we mean that the top of each key are flat with sharp edges but instead of inner bezel, they broaden out to meet the sides of rest of the other keys. I typed on the keyboard for a minute or two and found it to be comfortable. However, it lacks some of the cupping to center fingers over each key as you type on it.


The touchpad is very spacious and uses Synaptics drivers. I was happy to see that it does not incorporate buttons. It supports multitouch gestures as well which worked well. The mouse buttons felt too mushy and emit a very soft click. There is also a RFID reader and fingerprint scanner incorporated into the palmrest area. Performance-wise the unit felt very snappy, thanks to the Intel HD graphics and Core i3 2.1 GHz processor. Detailed performance benchmarks will be available within a week since Dell will be sending us a unit for ‘detailed’ review.

Dell E6220 will be offered with both SSD and HDD options. Standard unit will come with hard disk and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The unit I tested did not have any battery installed, so could not test / check the battery life. Stay tuned for more information on E6220.


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