Asus S451 Vivobook Specs, Price

Asus has released quite a few laptops under its Vivobook category in the past, including X202E, U38N, U38DT, S550CM and so on. The company is on the verge to release Vivobook S451, a 14.1 inch laptop that looks exactly like a Macbook Pro when opened.

Asus S451 review

Its lid is similar to Asus Vivobooks though.

Asus S451 specs

The Vivobook S550CM came with 15.6 inch display and the S451 will fill the void as some people prefer 14” inch laptops over 15 inchers. Despite being smaller, it still manages to pack a dedicated GPU and DVD drive. The chassis of Asus Vivobook S451, as mytechpartner suggested is entirely made of aluminum, including base and lid, which gives it a premium touch.

Asus S451 Specs Price

Specifications include 14-inch (1366 x 768 pixels) touch screen, Core i5 4200U processor, 6GB RAM, 750GB hard disk, Nvidia 740M GPU, 3x USB ports (2x USB 3.0), HDMI, and Ethernet port.


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