Asus G73 review

Build quality

Coming from the P7805u, this one is a more sexy machine….by far. The gateway was a fingerprint magnet but I can’t get fingerprints on this no matter how I try. The keyboard has some flex though. The weight of this notebook is reasonable for its size. I picked up an m17x once and I swear it weighted almost twice as much as the G73. Overall, solid build quality with strong plastic layered with the rubberized lining.

Asus G73 review


  • CPU: i7-720QM quad core
  • memory: 6GB DDR3
  • HDD: Seagate 500GB 7200rpm
  • GFX: ATI mobility radeon 5870 with 1GB GDDR5 vram
  • display: 17.3" HD+ LED-lcd, 1600×900
  • other feature: wifi, HDMI, card reader, VGA,
  • DVD-RW, 8-cell battery


Heaven Benchmark v2.0
Min FPS:
Max FPS:


Nope, no laggy keyboard or missing keystrokes here. Everything works well but I still haven’t gotten used to using the chiclet style keyboard. So far, not liking it for gaming. I notice my skill decreased


The sound this baby puts out is amazing. The best bass from a notebook that I have ever heard. I uninstalled all creative software as they are known to cause conflict, not noticing any loss in sound quality. When you plug in a good pair of headphones into the jack, I can hear a noticeable difference in quality between this jack and the jack of my gateway. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the audio output from the jack. If you are considering the Clevos and you care about sound quality, this factor alone is enough to make me go the G73 route.


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