AMD R-464L, R-272F Specs

AMD is all set to introduce its new Trinity processors, R-464L and R-272F next week and it appears that the company will include few embedded parts as well into the package. The company compared R-464L and R-272F to the similar sandy bridge processors and bested them in the GPU department.


It even outperformed the powerful i7 2720QE by a huge margin in 3DMark benchmark test, which is funny as both of these new APUs are 35W parts while the i7 2720QE is a 45 watt CPU. They also surpassed the i5 2520M and i3 2310M by a huge margin.

AMD is yet to release the exact specs for its new R-series parts, but we do know that the AMD R-464L will have a quad core 2.3GHz processor with HD 7660G GPU. It is being said that the ATi Radeon HD 7660G GPU will have performance in line with A10-4600M APU. And to mind, Trinity is better also in graphics quality not just performance over Intel counterpart. Note: Most users use integrated GPU not discrete, so this is worth the talk.


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