AMD A4-4355M, A8-4555M 17W TDP Processors

Last week at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, Lenovo released Ideapad S300, S400 and S405 notebooks. S300 and S400 were based on the Intel Ivy Bridge ULV processors, while the last one, S405 used the the new AMD Trinity processors, which have not been officially announced. These unannounced processors include AMD A4-4355M and A8-4555M. Also, check out AMD A8 4555m benchmark.

AMD A4-4355M, A8-4555M

The A4 4355m is a dual core processor processor operating at 1.9GHz clock speed and features 1MB L2 cache. It is capable of reaching 2.4GHz thanks to AMD Turbo Core dynamic overclocking. The A4 uses AMD Radeon HD 7400G GPU.

lenovo-s405-amd-a4 4355m-a8 4555m

The AMD A8 4555m is a quad core processor with 1.6GHz clock rate and 4MB L2 cache. Like the aforementioned A4 CPU, this A8 processor is also capable of reaching 2.4GHz. The A8 uses AMD Radeon HD 7600G GPU.

The TDP of both of these APU is 17 watts, making them ideal to be used in Ultrabooks – just like the AMD A6 4455m (being used in Samsung p535u3c-a01us)that we benchmarked last month.


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