Verizon HTC Touch Pro review

I’m now starting to loose the count the number of variations of the HTC TOUCH Pro. Lisa Gade at MobileTechReview has reviewed the Verizon version of the HTC TOUCH Pro. Here are her final thoughts about it:

Verizon has cranked out an all-business version of the HTC Touch Pro, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with business phones, the Touch Pro seems an odd choice– it’s something like having an Aston Martin stripped down for daily commuter or beater car use. Having reviewed all the HTC Touch Diamond and most of the Touch Pro variants available around the world, we can’t help but feel sad at what’s missing here: TouchFLO 3D disabled by default, YouTube and Streaming Media Player gone, HTC’s RSS reader gone, no IM client, less RAM and the GPS is locked to Verizon’s own service. But with all that said, the Verizon Touch Pro is indeed a solid business phone, and a good choice for those who rely on MS Exchange sync for contacts, calendar and email. Call quality is good, though reception is a little weak, and with 3rd party application add-ons, the phone can crank up the multimedia a notch or two.

Huh? Youtube player gone; TouchFlo 3D disabled by default; RSS reader gone and streaming player gone too. Ok, the business guys don’t need the youtube player and streaming player but that does not mean the verizon would remove them!

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