Magellan Roadmate 2210, 2210T, 2220-LM, 2230T-LM, 5220-LM, 5230T-LM, 5235T-LM

Mangellan has finally updates its Roadmate GPS mapping systems that include 2210, 2210T, 2220-LM, 2230T-LM, 5220-LM, 5230T-LM and 5235T-LM. So, what is new? You will now be able to use the new landmark guidance option that gives you directions based on the landmarks.


This means you will not have to deal with those ho-hum street numbers. Another new (and nifty) feature are traffic camera alerts to alert you when you are travelling at superman’s speeds. However, you will be paying 30 dollars a year (first year is free).

For those who do not have the Magellan GPS, the range starts at 100 dollars for the Roadmate 2210 and goes upto 170 dollars for the flagship 5235T-LM.

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