Links LIVAZ-4/32-W 10 is mini PC with wireless mouse and keyboard

Links International has released a mini PC called LIVAZ-4/32-W 10 for the Japanese market. It comes with keyboard and mouse so the only thing you need to connect is an external monitor. Prices start from 28800 yen which is about 250 dollars.

Links LIVAZ-4 32-W 10

The included mouse is wireless and has standard three button layout. The keyboard is standard Japanese keyboard with 109 key arrangements and included HDMI cable has length of 1.5 meter.

There are two models of LIVAZ-4/32-W 10 TV set. One is LIVAZ-4/32-W10 (N4200) and it comes equipped with Pentium N4200 (4 cores, 1.1 GHz) and costs about 34,800 yen while the LIVAZ – 4/32 – W10 (N3350) comes with Intel Celeron N 3550 dual core processor. It will be on sale for 28,800 yen.

Common specifications include 4 GB DDR3L RAM, 32 GB eMMC and Windows 10 Home operating system. Interface selection includes USB 3.0 × 3 (1 Type – C), IEEE 802.11ac compatible wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Ethernet × 2, HDMI 1.4b, Micro DisplayPort, voice input and output. The main body size is 117 × 128 × 33 mm (width × depth × height), the weight is about 365 grams.

The Links LIVAZ-4/32-W 10 is ideal for daily computing tasks like web browsing, office work and some light gaming. This makes it ideal for home and office use. Despite being so small, there are plenty of ports on the back to let you connect all of your peripherals easily.

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