Lenovo X200 Tablet and X200 Tablet With Touch Go

Folks at GBM have done a comparison of Lenovo X200 and X200 tablet with Touch Go. They have noticed some differences like:

  • The screen on the regular X200 Tablet appears a tad brighter and clearer than the X200 Tablet with Touch. This is due to the X200 Tablet having the SuperBright option. Both viewing angles are similar, though.
  • There is less parallax on the X200 Tablet with Touch vs the regular X200 Tablet
  • It is clear that Lenovo improved the touch / pen experience as I have yet to experience any vectoring while inking on the X200 Tablet with Touch. I remember experiencing vectoring issues on the X61 Tablet with Touch
  • The X200 Tablet with Touch has a little milkly substance from fingerprints that the X200 Tablet does not. It is only visible when the screen is off
  • The X200 Tablet with Touch is a tad lighter, weighing at 4 lbs 1 oz (with 8 cell). the X200 Tablet weighs in a 4 lbs 2 oz. I can’t tell the difference to be honest.
  • I still have an X61 with Touch and will do an InkShow comparison between the two. The touch is good on the X200 Tablet with Touch, but it still doesn’t compare to capacitive touch

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