Lenovo ThinkStation P410, P510 churned out in Japan

Lenovo Japan Ltd has churned out a workstation equipped with Intel Xeon E5-V4 processor. Called the ThinkStation P410, it will retail between 277,000 and 465,000 Japanese yen. Lenovo ThinkStation P410 specs include Intel Xeon X5-1600 v4 processor, Nvidia Quadro M2000 or M4000 GPU, 3D CAD / CAE, CIM / BIM and medical image processing.

ThinkStation P410

Other ThinkStation P410 specs include 16GB ~ 32GB (up to 128GB) RAM, 256GB or 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD, DVD Super Multi drive, Windows 7 Professional SP1 or Windows 10 Pro OS and various interfaces include USB 3.0 × 6, USB 2.0 × 4,9in1 media card reader, PS / 2 port and Gigabit Ethernet. Body size is 175 × 426 × 376mm (width × depth × height).

ThinkStation P510

ThinkPad P510 packs Xeon E5-1600 v4 processor, Quadro K620 / M2000 / M4000 GPU, 8GB / 16GB RAM, M.2 NVMe 256GB SSD / 1TB HDD, optical drive and windows 7 pro sp1 or windows 10 professional operating system. Interface selection includes USB 3.0 × 8, USB 2.0 × 4,9in1 media card reader, PS / 2 port, Gigabit Ethernet, and Flex Connector. Body size is 175 × 470 × 440mm


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