HTC Flyer

The much anticipated HTC Flyer is a 7-inch Android Gingerbread tablet priced at $499.99. That doesn’t include the pen, which is not bundled with the tablet in the US and runs $80. Although the Flyer has its share of design flaws, it won’t disappoint those interested in a note-taking tablet. HTC dix specs

The Flyer runs a 1.5Ghz single-core Qualcomm processor, and some intensive tasks like playing HD video can be sluggish. The Flyer’s OS is Android Gingerbread (2.3) with HTC Sense UI. Running Gingerbread, a smartphone OS, means the Flyer can’t run Android tablet apps. This actually sounds more problematic than it turns out to be, however. I found the interface very user-friendly, and it has a great on-screen keyboard. The screen resolution is the standard 1024 x 600.

As for the writing experience, the notes app is full-featured and the writing experience is pleasant. It is unfortunate that there is no navigating with the pen. In fact, pen taps only make a screen capture. There is no handwriting recognition either.

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