D-Link Partners with Cellcom

Ever wonder what to do with all those tiny photos stored on your cell phone? Thanks to D-Link, the end-to-end computer network solutions provider for consumers and businesses, wireless phone customers in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan can send those pictures home where they can be admired on a 10″ wireless digital photo frame.

Cellcom, a Wisconsin-based cell phone carrier, offers technology that allows its customers
to send photos from their mobile phones to the D-LinkĀ® Wireless Digital Photo Frame (DSM-
210), which is available for purchase on the Cellcom website (www.cellcom.com). Now, when
Cellcom customers take photos with their cell phones, they can send the images directly to their D-Link photo frame to be viewed in the home.

“The D-Link wireless digital photo frame is designed to enhance the home entertainment
experience by allowing users to view their favorite photos easily and conveniently virtually
anywhere in the home,” said John Meaney, director of field sales for D-Link Systems, Inc. “By offering our frames with FrameChannel photo sharing technology, Cellcom is taking that experience to the next level, adding another dimension of fun and value to its customers.”
“Cell phones have become the Swiss Army knives of communication,” said Rob Riordan,

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