Samsung N350 Review

A lot of netbook manufactures have been releasing netbook with similar specs and some have been saying that there is no need for netbooks at all.


Design, Display, Ports

Samsung N350 is very slim and light. It is mere 23mm thick and weighs a modest 1.03kg. This makes it one of the most lightest netbook around. However, to maintain such slim and light profile, compromises must be made and thus the N350 has just 3 hours of battery life.

It comes outfitted with a matte 10.1-inch screen which performs great outdoors since there is almost no glare that is reflected back to you. It works much better than the netbooks with glossy, reflection-catching displays. However, the saturation levels are not at par with Asus netbooks.

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On the left of the unit, you will find the power port along with LAN port, VGA port, earphone and microphone jack.

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On the right, you will find the Kensington lock, VGA, card reader and USB 2.0 ports.


The keyboard is fantastic, just like the one found on the Samsung N230. The keys are well-spaced and have minimal flex. You will typing with your full speed in absolute no time at all. Oh and by the way, none of the keys have been shrunken down, something which is lacking in all Asus netbooks (and notebooks).

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Following the latest trend of netbooks, it comes with dual core Atom N550 1.5GHz processor. A single 1GB RAM backs up the processor. Just like other netbooks, there is only slot which is accessible. Since Asus 1015PEM also uses the same CPU, the benchmarks were the similar to the latter.


Atom N455 vs Atom N550 – In real world tests, the only enhancement you will see is better multitasking experience and slightly better performance in apps that utilize both cores.

Storage, Upgradability

Samsung N350 comes with 250GB hard disk drive and 1GB DDR3 RAM. Samsung does not like (or expect) its customers to swap the HDD with an SSD (or bigger HDD) and perhaps that is why, you would not find a panel at the bottom to replace the HDD easily. The only thing that is easily user-upgradable is RAM which is limited to 2GB maximum.


Samsung N350 retails at almost same price as the Asus 1015PEM netbook, but there is one more advantage that the 1015PEM has over the Samsung N230 – battery life. So, it is up to you – whether you want a netbook with great battery (1015PEM) or one which weighs 400gm lighter and has less than stellar battery life.

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