Toshiba NB200 Review

Toshiba NB200 is one of the best netbooks out there, sporting a white lid that bears a huge Toshiba logo. The hinge on the NB200 is shiny and is much more durable than any netbook that we have tested so far. Keyboard on the NB200 is 92 percent of what you find in a typical notebook keyboard. This means that the keys are comfortable to press and you get a great typing experience even though the keyboard is not chiclet.

Toshiba NB200 Review

For storage, you get 120GB hard disk and a 3 cell 2250mAh battery. We will recommend getting it with 6 cell battery as that will fetch you 5 hours of continuous wireless productivity with ease. Performance wise, you will be able to run almost anything that is not too processor intensive, which means Office, firefox, etc would run just fine on it.


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