Intel not releasing Desktop Atom Processor until next year

The latest roadmap for Intel processors indicates that the Atom D2500 series is going to stay around for long time. Intel’s next generation will be manufactured using 22nm technology and it will not be launched soon. Intel Atom D2500 and Atom D2700 processors (being used in Asus Eb1030, eb1031 nettops) were released in the late 2011, which were replaced by slightly slower Atom D2550.

Intel not releasing Desktop Atom Processor next year

Intel Atom D2550 runs at 1.86GHz clock speed, same as Atom D2500. However, the Atom D2500 CPU features 2 cores, 4 threads, whereas the Atom D2550 has 2 cores and 2 threads.

Intel do not have any plans to replace the Atom D2550 and D2500 until late Q4 2013. This means we are stuck with 32nm Atom processors or with the new ZXXXX-series that includes the Atom Z2460 we reviewed few days back.

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